What Are The Benefits Of Quinoa?

Quinoa is, quite simply and quite literally a natural source of wonder. Speaking of which, the benefits of quinoa are still widely unknown to a majority of Westernized readers at this time. By any other name, this natural wonder is certainly quite familiar to South Americans because it is on that continent that this grain based natural food source originates. And it has been an important source of nutrition and culture for millions of South Americans.

benefits of quinoa

The tradition goes back thousands of years. Whether you are gluten intolerant or seeking to reduce your excess weight and get back into shape, benefits always accrue to you if you include this natural wonder to your regular diet. And it certainly helps a lot if you happen to be diagnosed with the celiac disease. Benefits start with the food content’s volumes of protein, fiber and magnesium. Thanks to the inclusion of all nine amino acids, it is possible for vegans and vegetarians to get their full daily quota of protein from this food source.

Alongside of that, strong tissue growth is possible through the use of quinoa. Today, quinoa is also being used as a natural and organic form of medication. Alongside of all nine amino acids, the super food contains a full quota of vitamins B and E, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium and loads of essential dietary fiber. With the inclusion of over three hundred enzymes, quinoa is also resourceful in the regulation of the production of insulin and glucose in the body.

The regular inclusion of quinoa in traditional eating plans can still go a long way in helping vulnerable men and women, as well as children, reduce risks for contracting the venomous type 2 diabetes. While those suffering from the celiac disease may typically lose weight due to malnutrition, a symptom of the disease, those who need to adjust their diets to eliminate all risks of diabetes and heart disease will also be benefiting from quinoa as an effective ingredient for weight loss regimes due to its high fiber content.