Termite Control Companies Huntington Beach Have Two Effective Formulas In Use

A number of associated pest control companies and franchise operations have been unanimous in their switch from the old to the new. Since at least the sixties, a particularly busy period for building contractors in the Southern Californian region, pest control companies tried one poison after the other. The challenge was always going to be the next counter to how quickly termites were able to adapt and not die.

No sooner had their nests been detected and the poison set down, it was only a matter of time before the pests were able to shrug off the effects of the poison without any harm being done to them. All the while, the colonies were able to continue growing. The poisonous residues left behind proved to be problematic to vulnerable inhabitants of Huntington Beach. These would be your young children and family pets in the main.

Termite Control Companies Huntington Beach have come up with no less than two natural formulas that have gone on to trump what poisonously went before. They are using a compound derived from the tree bark. And they have also discovered the effectiveness of orange oil. Orange oil and tree bark are growing in popularity because there is no need to utilize poisonous chemicals anymore. The products derived have been declared safe to use and implement to the domestic environment where children and small animals reside.

Termite Control Companies Huntington Beach

The treebark system helps to create a barrier against termites. Safe to resurrect, it effectively controls and prevents the return of termite colonies. Companies are laying down this formula free of charge during their customary warranty period. On the off chance that termites should return, the pest control technicians will return to the premises to reapply this barrier. It is a case of being persistent.

And persistence generally does pay off, does it not. The use of orange oil is one practice that does not require too much input, if any at all, from these companies. It could turn out to be the proverbial do it yourself method at far less cost but with far greater effectiveness. By dint of the formula’s name, it carries with it the pleasant aroma of the orange. Turns out that this smell is quite abhorrent and deadly to the pests, not confined to just termites.

Both formulas are natural and organic and safe to apply.